Can you build a feel-good factor?

Basically, everybody knows from their own experience and surveys regularly confirm it: the salary is not the most important reason why employees have a good feeling about a company. A much more crucial factor is whether they see it as their company. In other words, the extent to which they identify with the values and goals of their employer. Ideally they should be proud to be working in this very company and not for any other one.

And that is not surprising: after all, we all spend at least a third of the day there. We can certainly hope to enjoy it. So it‘s no wonder that more and more companies are banking on feelgood management. This term is particularly popular with start- ups as they want to preserve the enthusiasm and working atmos- phere from their pioneering phase - even when the company is expe- riencing rapid growth and taking on new staff.

But it‘s not enough just to offer a vegetarian dish in the canteen and back massages for anyone feeling tense. Time and again, our everyday work confirms that the best working conditions and a good atmosphere are predominantly created when we give employees space. Both in a metaphorical and in a literal sense:
This is why we view the office as a social landscape. There is space in this landscape for chance encounters which often lead to technical discussions. There are opportunities to seek a retreat and elsewhere to find the proximity that helps to foster teamwork and processes. There are open spaces for brainstorming sessions and places for focused concentration.

gives answers to the questions regarding the most efficient communication, the best connection of analogue and digital and the ideal arrangement of routes in buildings. It is determined by the company’s particular way of working and its future (growth) targets.

in our understanding is an environment shaped by the values, history and social contribution of the company – space and rooms designed and equipped to encourage social cohesion.

naturally also encompasses the integration of technical facilities into the workplace and the wider environment. Also. Because every single emplo- yee should be able to appreciate their place of work and environment not just in functional terms but also aesthetically.

We build on this social landscape through strategic advice and planning with the aim of achieving the best possible communication between individuals, teams and departments. By being taken seriously, feelgood management reinforces the corporate culture and strengthens the company itself.

Yes, we are convinced that feelgood factors can be built. And our clients are too.